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Town of Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

Jaco Costa Rica

Jaco Beach is a surfer’s haven, it's a cross between Melbourne Florida and South Beach in Miami!

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Walking along the main street in Jaco Beach, you will find that it is clean, well maintained and with some really eclectic art forms such as what looks like Pedro the Pistol Packing wooden statue protecting nothing really! You will see surfers walking on the east side of the road with their boards because it's wider - it’s not that there are crowds on the streets but in the evenings the town has a vibrant night life - and the infamous Beetle Bar, along with the Monkey Bar and Patio Bar, is on that side of the street - coincidence? Not!. On the upscale beach side of the street you will find some trendy boutiques, cafes and small intimate bars. There are also several trendy clubs ranging from sports themed through nightclub atmosphere and lounges.

Not a small town! There's lots to do in Jaco Beach

There are lots of open air cafes that serve food, beer and wine with an easy atmosphere befitting a beach town. There are a couple of shopping strip malls in Jaco Beach, some with North American shops such as BillaBong and a movie theatre. There are also North American fast food chains including Pizza Hut, Subway and KFC for a bit of down home cooking.

The town is safe with a police presence that is always there but unobtrusive. If you run into trouble, there is a medical center located right in town to fix those surfing mishaps. Conveniently there is also a police station for more serious issues next door.

How to Get to Jaco from points in Costa Rica

The Copacabana Hotel has direct to San Jose (SJO )airport transfers to take care of getting to Jaco Beach. The town is also well serviced by Costa Rica’s bus service that links the coastal towns, with daily service from San Jose. The buses are air conditioned and up to date. Los Suenos is an upscale residential development and golf course just outside of Jaco Beach that has a heliport with helicopter service to San Jose. The closest airport is in San Jose which is about sixty minutes away. Travel from San Jose airport by road used to take just under two hours, which has now been cut down to just under an hour with a new toll highway. If you are driving be aware that the Costa Rican police frequently have speed traps set up on the roads.

Unlike many beach “stops” along the Costa Rican coast, Jaco Beach is an actual town with infrastructure and support that you would find in a bigger city - such as a pharmacy, doctors, real estate agencies and banking. Jaco Beach Costa Rica is truly a laid back town centered around the Pura Vida lifestyle.

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