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Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

The true story of Red Riding Hood begins in a far, far away place in a tropical paradise called Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Little Red Riding Hood could often be seen walking barefoot in the sand and picking up fresh coconuts that littered the sea shore. She wore a tini-wini bikini but always covered her lily white skin with a red beach cape and a matching hood. She was a red headed Tica and had to keep the scorching rays of the tropical sun from her fair skin.

Late one afternoon Little Red Riding Hood was out gathering coconuts and mangos for grandmother who was sick. As she walked along the beach she could hear the faint sound of a wolf howling off in the distance. She wasn’t scared, but for some reason the sound of the wolf only seemed to lure her in closer. And the closer she got the louder the sound of the wolf’s howl swirled in her head.

As she peered through the beach palms trees she could see by the light of the moon that the sound was actually coming from the Ocean Waves Restaurant beach patio & bar, right in front of an enchanted hotel. As the full moon peered through jungle forest she could see a beautiful three story hotel overlooking the beach. It had a large wooden sign in front of it with the word "COPACABANA" carved into it.

Just so happened that it was karaoke night that night and all the beautiful Ticas came out to sing in the moonlight. The moon and the romantic ambiance also brought out a friendly looking pack of wolves all dressed in Hawaiian shirts and speaking a strange language called English. And there he was Wolfman Jack, howling out the Voodoo Glow Skulls tune, "Hey there little Miss Riding Hood you sure are looking good, you’re everything a big bad wolf could want!". As Little Red Riding Hood entered the clearing she was greeted by Wolfman Jack with the customary Costa Rican kiss on the cheek as he asked her, "Que pasa?" Which in Spanish means "Whats up?" Or, "What are you doing?"

She naively told him what she was doing, and right where she was going. Wolfman suggested that she go pick a nice bottle of wine for her ailing grandmother, which she did. In the meantime, Wolfman grabs a taxi and heads off to grandma’s house. Once there he gains entry to her house by pretending to be the Little Red Riding Hood. As folk lure goes he ties grandmother up and stuffs her in the closet while he waits for the Little Red Riding Hood, all the while disguising himself as grandma.

So when Little Red Riding Hood returns she enters the house and there’s Wolfman Jack in bed wearing grandmother’s clothing. She notices grandmother looks very strange today. Little Red Riding Hood then says, "What big hands you have grandmother!" And Wolfman replies "All the better to touch you with, my dear." Then she notices something else strange and says, "My, what big white teeth you have grandma!" to which the Wolfman replies, "All the better to eat sushi with."

At that moment, in the wink of an eye the front door bursts open and a noble fisherman from Los Suenos charges in. Fortunately for Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma he just happened to be fishing the waves in front of the Copa. Once inside Grandma bolts out of the closet and Wolfman gives her all her clothes back. Little Red Riding Hood is relieved, and they all head back to the Ocean Waves Restaurant at the Copacabana Desire Hotel to eat fresh sushi and drink wine. As it turns out grandma’s quite the babe which is not unusual in these parts of the woods and she hits it off big time with the noble fisherman from Los Suenos.

Wolfman Jack and Little Red Riding Hood both spend the rest of their lives together living happily ever after while experiencing the euphoria of a truly adult hotel at the Copacabana Desire Hotel. Wolfman spends most of his time trying to decide if he should swim in the clothing optional swimming pool or nude swimming pool? Little Red Riding Hood can most often be found lounging on the poolside beds and hanging out in the Jacuzzi on the outdoor patio. They eat their meals by candle light under the stars on the beach patio at the restaurant while enjoying the nightly entertainment there.

This coming April 23 through April 30, 2011 it will be "Provocative Sunset Week" week at the Copa. Saturday night, April 30 will be the Brazilian Bikini and Pole Dancing Contest. Come join us under the light of the moon and maybe you’ll catch Little Red Riding Hood Dancing by the Pool, like the Mark Knopfler song, or Wolfman Jack howling in the night the words to his favorite old song "Hey There Little Miss Riding Hood".

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