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Bare Bodies for All - All Women Are Created Equal At The Copacabana Hotel

The well known phrase that “All men are created equal” comes from Thomas Jefferson and can be found in the Declaration of Independence. Before that it was understood that Kings had “Divine Rights” or were simply members of the “Lucky Sperm Club”. When Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase it was widely believed that the word men referred to mankind and not just males, therefore women are included. But God created nothing equal between men and women, not the pants they wear nor the shirts on their backs! The Copacabana Hotel in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica has taken one step further in advancing civil liberties for women.


The Copacabana Hotel in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica has taken one step further in advancing civil liberties for women.  Throughout history in the heat of the day mankind has evolved into an amphibious like creature who seeks out shade, cool waters and refreshment to quell the wilting heat of the sun. But the progression of acceptable clothing, the bathing suite, has remained unchanged since the explosion of the itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow poka dot bikini of the summer of 1960.  While American culture has been slow to keep pace, other societies such as the Europeans have been quicker to accept a women’s right to toplessness.  Hence American women’s suffrage has cried out, “Why are only men allowed to display their bare chests in public while women must bear the burden of clothing to cover their breasts?

If society is truly ready to level the playing field of equality it must start somewhere. So the Copacabana Hotel in Jaco has revived the ideals of our forefather Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence and has declared throughout the land of Jaco Beach that freedom for women has been extended to all articles of clothing. In other words guests at the pool, both men and women, are not only allowed to, but highly encouraged to embrace these ground breaking civil rights amendments for women to equally bear their bare breasts.

So while the sun is always shining down and the heat is always rising in the tropical pacific region of Jaco Beach, the beer and the Piña Coladas are the preferred remedy of icing down your thirst while poolside. So why not join us poolside and invite one of these truly lovely topless liberated gals to join you for a drink and enjoy the amenities of a great hotel. For more information go to http://www.copacabanahotel.com


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