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March 30, 2011 - Copacabana Hotel Birthday Party

How I Met A Sun Goddess In The Barrel Of A Wave

The best wave sets I’ve ever seen were happening last year at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. I’m not talkin’ the biggest or the baddist, just the combination of surf, sun and babes. I was surfin’ just off the beach in front of the Copacabana Hotel in Jaco when I hit the far side of this huge peak. My board dipped and just slipped in the backdoor of this sweet barrel, only to find I was not alone! I howled out one word. “BABE!” There she was this little dark skinned sun goddess leading me down the tube. I followed her to the beach as the sun was like an orange lollypop in the shape of a flat tire sitting on the horizon.


As we sat on the beach like two butts in the sand, there was a plume of smoke rising just behind us under a cover of palm trees. Someone was lighting a bonfire, which they like to do down here for the big beach parties. The thing that caught my attention was the sweet aroma of a succulent pig roasting on a spit. It was like the perfect storm of romance as we sat there for hours into the night talking surf stories and travel. Certainly she was a goddess as if she had known me for years.

As the moon rose higher and higher in the sky we headed for the shade of the palms following the scent of the feast. We could hear distant sound of drums and music coming from the feast. This wasn’t the sound natives banging on sheep skins, but the beat of Jimmi Hendrix, the Stones and Pink Floyd. Once under the cover of the palms there were bikini babes dancing in the sand, some with their tops on, some with their tops off. The atmosphere was all party as a scantily clad Tica invited us to join them for dinner. There was cold beer flowing from kegs packed in ice and a full bar serving up Nicaraguan rum and Costa Rican guaro. The food was the perfect way to finish off the day and we ate till we couldn’t take another bite. We danced, laughed and hugged the rest of the night away as the bonfire faded to embers.

As the wee hours of the morning crept in our desires found want for shelter. On the other side of the palms I could see lights from the hotel. It was the Copacabana just like in the Humphrey Bogart movie! As we made it to the lobby of the hotel there was a Polynesian like lady who greeted and welcomed us. It felt like one of those nights coming home and mom is there waiting with hot chocolate and cookies. First she told us that the hotel was full but she would check and see if she could find something for us. She returned to say the only thing she had left was “The Passion Suite” with king sized bed and indoor Jacuzzi. She gave us a special price because it was so late, and off we went.

Jaco beach has never been the same for me since that incredible night. Every time I hit the backdoor of a big wave and slip into the barrel, I’m looking for another Sun Goddess. On Wednesday night, March 30, 2011 the Copacabana Hotel in Jaco is doing it again! It’s the annual hotel birthday party with pig roast on a spit. There will be live music on a stage made in the sand, complete with full bar, bonfire and tiki lights. I know I’ll be there looking for my Sun Goddess, surfing, feasting and dancing the night away!


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