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The Bachelor doing in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

The upcoming Bachelor episode shot in Costa Rica is an indication of what the gentleman should do in Jaco Beach to impress a lady.

First, start off with zipline adventure, that is a perfect activity to see whether the couple is compatible. Nearby Jaco Beach are a number of ziplines through the Costa Rican rainforest that showcase one of the most incredible tropical ecosystems in the world. Doing this activity in Costa Rica renowned for its top eco-tourism destinations, is an unbeatable experience especially since it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly activity.

Next, there's the beach - sure you can enjoy romantic horseback riding on the beach, walking hand in hand across the wide flat sand, but what would the bachelor do? What better way to impress a potential mate than to take on one of Costa Rica’s best surfing spots! Costa Rica is renowned for its surf, and Jaco Beach does not disappoint. There are surfing lessons, surf shops and surf-wannabe trendy clothing outlets, that can make the bachelor a buff surfing dude whether walking into the surf or astride a board.

Finally, get the nightlife. There’s a rocking beachfront resort in Jaco Beach, the Copacabana Hotel, which like its namesake in Rio and Barry Manilow’s song so effectively portrayed, the Copacabana is a place "where music and passion are always in fashion". So off goes the bachelor in his clubbing duds to the Copacabana – there’s a clothing optional area on the resort where the nude Jacuzzi and their new Passion Suite are located - so what the camera sees may only part of the fun. There’s live entertainment and the Ocean Waves restaurant will prepare a romantic evening meal, before the couple retires to their beachfront suite with a Jacuzzi on the balcony, where we’ll leave the couple and what they do next to our imaginations.

All in all, Jaco Beach is the perfect place for a fun, exciting and romantic escape set in the unspoiled lushness of Costa Rica. For more information on the Copacabana Hotel & Suites please visit http://www.copacabanahotel.com or call 866-436-9399 (North America)  / 011-506-2643-1005 (Costa Rica).


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