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An Adult-Only Resort – Is it for you?

An Adult-Only Resort – Is it for you?

Essentially the benefit of an Adult-only resort is the ability for couples to experience absolute freedom, from their inhibitions, prejudices and expectations. Starting with a clothing optional atmosphere, an adult only resort promotes the feeling of complete liberation, while at the same time providing all those amenities and activities one would normally want to experience while on vacation.

Yes, you have to be open-minded. Means to overcome shyness and inhibitions have been addressed by adult only resorts through provision of exceptional accommodations, engaging activities and involving entertainment. For example, the increasing popularity of the “Passion Suite” amongst adult only resorts can in part be accounted for by the desire to relive the passion and attraction exhibited early on in life had at the Honeymoon Suite – no more is such a special accommodation reserved for those on their honeymoon – where the Passion Suite encourages a focus on individual passion throughout a couple’s engagement.

Organized Adult Activities are the Key to Getting Along & Having Fun

Organized activities are another way to enhance the passion of guests at an adult resort, while at the same time subliminating feelings of inadequacy or embarrassment. It’s hard to be embarrassed while you’re having fun. Similarly, nightly entertainment that involves the guests is a way to overcome any recalcitrant feelings that get in the way of enjoyment and excitement. In a sense, a good adult-only resort is like a family vacation resort with lots to do for every family member except in this instance it’s solely restricted to adults.

For those more comfortable with the adult-only vacation lifestyle, resorts that cater to this lifestyle offer the perfect hideaway for those that want to enjoy, rekindle or reignite their passions. No distractions of familial obligations, an understanding hotel staff and romantic surroundings all add up to a memorable couple centric holiday.

One such resort is the Copacabana Desire Hotel in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica (http://www.copacabanadesirehotel.com).  Not only has this resort been planted in one of the world’s most luxuriant locations with an undisturbed ecology that Costa Rica is renowned for, but its location beachfront to Jaco Beach, one of the nicest and largest beaches in all of Costa Rica, makes for quite a unique experience for couples that wish to surrender to their passions while surrounded by nature’s gifts. The accommodations are also unique, with the recent addition of the aforementioned Passion Suite, but also for beachfront suites that have Jacuzzis right on their balconies from which you can enjoy the ocean and stars on the beach.

Organized adult activities such as nude volleyball, yoga, sexy fitness and other watersports. Nightly adult entertainment includes sensual themes, provocative shows, live music, contests, games and amusement on the pool deck and poolside bar. There’s a spa onsite to pamper you and your partner with unique Costa Rica treatments and sensual massages for couples to prolong the pleasure staying at the resort. The topper is the all inclusive program that an offers a la carte menu at the resort’s Ocean Waves restaurant along with international wines, liquor and domestic beer. This is a seductive resort for a secluded ambiance.

So try an adult only resort for a world of pleasure & excitement in a sensual setting for adults – you may even want to exchange vows and celebrate a honeymoon or wedding anniversary in such an adult focused romantic place.

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