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There Are No Iguana Burgers on the Menu at the Copacabana Hotel Costa Rica!

Iguana Burgers joke at the Copacabana HotelWhoever put “Iguana Burgers & Iguana Toe Fries” on the whiteboard menu at the Copacabana Hotel & Resort in Jaco Beach should have to bear the punishment of having to answer queries worldwide from those who are hungry for Iguana meat and animal rights activists! While this Costa Rica beachfront hotel appreciates the interest and the increased business, it is not involved in the depletion of Costa Rican species of the four legged variety.

A Booming Business in Burgers Resulted!

This was apparently a New Year’s prank by some customer that thought the burgers at the hotel’s Ocean Waves restaurant were not exotic enough for a beachfront hotel location. Why this meal along with the addition of Iguana toes fries generated so much interest, the hotel has no idea, but thankfully the Spanish speaking wait staff didn’t quite appreciate what was being requested and thought it was simply gringo request for burgers & fries. Strangely, the hotel did a booming business over new years in burgers and no one thought anything of it until the calls started coming in.

The Copacabana Hotel & Resort is an adult only clothing optional resort in Costa Rica, located at Jaco Beach which is one of the nicest beaches and locations in all of Costa Rica. There is a clothing optional area with white linen cabana beds for privacy should guests desire, as well as an open air Jacuzzi corner that is overlooked by the hotel’s new “Passion Suite”. The main pool has a poolside bar and its own entertainment area. In addition to its on the beach location, the hotel is renowned for its live entertainment that has nightly bands with renditions of American classics and Central & South American rhythms. In addition to the Passion Suite, there are suites that overlook the beach and entertainment deck with Jacuzzi tubs on their balconies. Overall it’s a pretty cool place, with or without the Iguana menu.

Notice is given that this Costa Rica Hotel is "Iguana Tolerant"

So when you come to visit the Copacabana Hotel in Jaco Beach, it’s a beachfront resort that’s adults only with a clothing optional area going for it, but no Iguana burgers. Hotel management is considering putting a sign outside at the beach entry stating that the resort is Iguana Tolerant, and that no iguana will be harmed in the making of a meal onsite.

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