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Costa Rica Tours

Take Some Incredible Costa Rica Tours directly from the Hotel

There is lot’s to see and do in Costa Rica and the hotel can arrange Costa Rica tours and adventures for direct pick up from the hotel or with reasonable hotel transfers. Some of the more popular tours and more unconventional tours are set forth below.

Coffee Plantation Tour

You have heard of the aromatic Costa Rican coffee, now here is your chance to see where and how it is grown, why it’s worth to purchase and support Fair Trade practices.

Crocodile River Adventure

Crocodile River Tour lets you get up-close with crocodiles of all sizes and observe an abundance of beautiful exotic birds! Enjoy spectacular rainforest scenery and cruise through dense mangrove forest canals. Spot jungle wildlife such as iguanas, lizards, and monkeys, and experience our one-of-a-kind crocodile feeding show!

Environmentally Protected Eco Forests

A rare opportunity to see the native species of Costa Rican animals including monkeys, Macaws, and other exotic birds of the this tropical nation.

Cloud Tours

Experience a unique sensation of being above the clouds and looking down to see not the city or valleys but an expansive light as if you are floating on top of the world. This is a Costa Rica “cloud tour”, which is a tour usually enjoyed at the same time as a volcano tour and which takes you to Costa Rica’s highest elevations. It’s truly a magical site although be prepared even in the midst of summer it can get chilly during the day while experiencing a cloud tour.

San Jose Historical Tour

For the history buff, the capital city of Costa Rica is not to be missed with its museums, architecture and opera house. The center of Costa Rican culture and development demonstrates how this nation without Armed Forces has come to be one of the most culturally rich nations with influences of both southern and northern neighboring countries.

Jungle and Eco Forest Tours

See Costa Rica’s ecological splendor, including waterfalls, gorges and rivers by taking a Canopy Tour. These tours use zip lines or suspended tree bridges to fly or walk over the forest or jungle below so as to observe the animals and vegetation in its natural state. This zero impact means of engaging with Costa Rican natural habitat is one of the world’s most unique tours that respects nature while showing it in all its glory.

Tortuga Island Tours

The Gulf of Nicoya contains a beautiful archipelago, home to seabirds, white sands, and the flora and fauna that make the Costa Rican Central Pacific coast so special. Located 12 miles from Puntarenas, near Kuru and across from Playa Organo, Isla Tortuga (Turtle Island) has an area of 120 hectares with 4 main hills and 500 meters of beachfront - maintained as a park, with Bandera Azul (blue flag) distinction for excellent ecological conservation.

Rainforest Tram

The Rainforest Aerial Tram sustains the environment and helps conserve natural resources while providing a world class eco-tourism experience. Try the world’s first Rainforest Aerial Tram in Costa Rica that combines the unique tram ride, bobsleigh and zipline for an unforgettable experience.

Canopy Tours

There are spectacular Treehouse Canopy Tours - eco-adventures that provide a unique experience in the canopy of the tropical rainforest. See a bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy, home to an estimated 60% of rainforest species! Located near the Carara Biological Reserve, part of an important ecological transition zone between Costa Rica's drier northwest and more humid south - this transitional rainforest has massive trees laden with vines, bromeliads and orchids.

Monkey Tours

Board boats across the the mangroves where guides will call the monkeys that will get into the boat to greet you. In this tour you can see not one, two or three monkeys but even 20 or more white faced monkeys at a time. You will also spot different species of birds, mammals and reptiles in their natural habitat.

Nude Beaches

Where do you find a nud beach or topless beach in Costa Rica? Costa Ricans are renowned for being tolerant and nudist sunbathing usually doesn’t cause a reaction. Of course, there are certain areas that are more nude friendly than others.

ATV Tours

An ATV tour is a perfect quick getaway - climb the mountains of the central Pacific, ride by the beach and enjoy all the amazing views around in this 2, 3 or 4 hour trip. An ATV tour gives you the chance to combine the jungle and the ocean in the same day, a unique way to discover Costa Rica. Stay alert because you will see all kinds of wildlife, tropical flora and fauna - an adventurous and exciting ATV tour - where you can see a breathtaking view of the central valley and Pacific Ocean. You can ride through a rainforest to a coffee plantation and a tropical dry forest. See wildlife and over 5,000 different plants. Enjoy riding down winding mountain roads surrounded by diverse tropical vegetation of the rainforest. Arrive at a beautiful waterfall and swim in the refreshing and crystalline natural water. ATV tours offer vacationers an exciting way to see and experience some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes.

The availability of Costa Rican tours changes in accordance with the seasons since weather plays a big impact on the safety of tour organizers and participants.

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